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Sakena and David’s wedding events span the entire weekend of

Friday, Aug 26th thru Sunday, Aug 29th.

Many of the events will be hosted at the Casa Felix venue in the countryside of Barcelona.  This masia sits on over 90 acres of land  and is nestled between the the tiny village of Olivella and the Garraf Natural Park.  

The entire weekend has been carefully crafted for intimate conversations, bonding with family and friends, and celebrating Sakena and David's first weekend as Husband and Wife.  

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Welcome Event

Welcome to Spain! Let's get the party started with a welcome fete. The theme?  The Caribbean meets Catalonia. Get a sneak peak of the wedding venue and connect with all the guests before the next days wedding!


Pool Party

Recover from the night before with a Pizza and Paella pool party at the Casa Felix venue. Lounge and soak up the sun and views with a drink in hand. 


Wine and Dine Outing

Following the pool party we will be heading to a world renowned cava and wine vineyard for a tour and tasting. After the conclusion of the tour we will head to the beach for a Farewell dinner.